encourageMom membership

Hey friends... Let me share what I've been up to...

I LOVE helping Christian women - moms, grandmoms, empty nesters...

and I love teaching. ❤️ Teaching what I'm passionate about.

I believe the Lord has called all of us to GIVE from what He has given us. And I love helping Christian women to become more available to do just that. To become an "encourageMom" themselves (even if they're not technically a mom).

I like courses (online and in-person... I've created and taught both), and I really like books (my shelves are bursting!)... but what has me very excited is the membership platform I've been building on!!! It will allow me to orchestrate a life-changing experience for this group of Christian Moms on an ongoing basis, instead of a book that gets half-read or a course that loses momentum.

encourageMom has been my blog and emphasis for over a year, and many of you have been part of that journey. Thank you! Your input and participation have been so valuable 💕

What I'm putting together now is emerging from that foundation and is unique and timely for "such a time as this." We'll be discussing 12 key areas in our lives, one at a time, in order to evaluate where we are and identify 👣Small Steps that can be taken to make real progress toward big goals.

I believe this membership will really help the Christian woman who wants to be more available to those around her. To be more ready to give when the Lord prompts her into action. She'll be standing on scripture and reaching for what is next by getting out of her own way!

And I'm thrilled to say that the doors are open and I'm inviting Christ-following women to join me in forming this dynamic space! I can't go any further behind the scenes without inviting people in, and I hope YOU will be led to join in!

I'll be looking for input and feedback as we go, especially early on, to be sure this design of content and community is meeting needs and allowing for personal growth. SO, I'm offering a special "jump-in" price for my Founding Members... for the next 5 days only because this is starting JULY 1 🥳

Learn all about it by clicking here, and message me with any questions!