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Hi I'm Ginger ~

So glad you're here!

God designed us to be in fellowship, not isolation, so let's link arms on this life journey...

At encourageMom.com I'm orchestrating a resource that we Moms can depend on for scriptural grounding and focus, along with creative ideas for inspiration and fun.

Welcome to your oasis for scriptural nourishment & creative inspiration!

My goal is to discuss life through a Biblical lens. Without our loving, patient Father and His written word, I have no real encouragement to give.

Mom-friend, these articles are created with you in mind, sharing what I've learned (and re-learned!) to amplify truth we can claim and live.


You'll find a variety of blog topics, including home, family, friends, Bible verses, life lessons, recipes, and creative tutorials, ...all with intelligent conversation to aid in the battle against "Mommy Brain" fog.


While you're here ~

• Absorb truths from God's word and feel refreshed.

• Know that even at your loneliest, Jesus' promise to never leave us is quite real.

• Learn prayer thoughts and internal dialogue that will ease your individual burdens.

• Achieve a perspective shift, seeing a bigger picture about life and the influence you have on those under your umbrella. 


    As a Mom now, I finally get it (see my post "In Her Cleats").

    Effective Moms are self-sacrificing... making the daily decision to do what is needed of them first. And I am learning how the rewards that come from truly caring for your family are worth the effort. 

    My life has pivoted many times, so I've worn several hats...
    college girl, single lady, full-time office work, married woman, part-time stay-home work, caregiver, widow, single again, e-Harmony girl, re-married, step-mom, artist, teacher, shop owner, Bible study leader, infertility-challenged wife...  now this current chapter adds Mom and Christian blogger to my hat collection.


    Whether you're a Mom or not, my hope and prayer is that these stories will touch you where you are today, these ideas will inspire you to try something creative, and these connections will comfort in very specific ways that you need.

    My personal goal is to be faithful in sharing my God-given gifts with you through these words.

    Let's let Jesus be lifted up in our lives as we speak the truth in love.



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