Better Butter Recipe

Better Butter Recipe encourage Mom

It's easy.
It's spreadable.
It's better for you.
It's perfect.
Better Butter incorporates the health benefits of olive oils and coconut oil with the taste of real butter.
I use this blend for sandwiches, toast, cooking eggs, sautéing veggies, melting into oatmeal, you name it.
In our house this IS our only butter!!!


Better Butter Recipe encourage Mom


I measure the oils first into my clear, marked cup.
Then I add the sticks of butter to get to room temp.
Then I blend the oils and butter together with a stick blender.
(You could use any type of blender for this!)

Better Butter Recipe encourage Mom

It's completed by pouring the mixture into a sealable container and keeping in the fridge.
You'll love the luxury of spreading butter on toast and having it melt right away!

Better Butter recipe olive oil encourage Mom

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