My 3-Minute Mistake

Every 5 years I make the same mistake.

Scissors in hand.

I'll see a great haircut, with cute wispy bangs lightly dancing on her forehead.

So adorable! I could wear that! I used to have bangs years ago...


My 3 minute mistake encourage Mom


Spontaneously, I attempt to recreate the look on me.

I completely forget how much I dislike bangs. Three minutes later I have a new style that takes THREE YEARS to grow out. Then a couple more years to forget how much I dislike the process... again.

Growing out bangs is the worst, in my humble (and forgetful) opinion. It's not bad enough that daily bombardments of life pummel us, but sometimes we actually make life harder on ourselves. 

Silly, frail humans. Parked here on earth for as long as God sees fit.

Us... Women. Moms. Sisters.

Together, even with our flaws, we are a Sisterhood of Moms who are Daughters of the King.Ginger Myers founder Encourage Mom


Welcome to

There's a whole lot of ugly out there, but you are invited to hang out in this safe, beautiful space.

Drink in the confidence, hope, and direction intended to cultivate and enhance your personal journey, at every age. 

I'm Ginger Myers, and in this chapter of my life I'm honored to be gathering and sharing encouragement for women, specifically Moms, based on a Biblical worldview. My goal is to provide tools to uplift and strengthen you, so that you can better encourage and serve those under your umbrella.


Encourage Mom blog chooses to ~

  • smile and forgive our mistakes (even the ones we repeat!),
  • stir up our creativity and thirst for learning,
  • expose a broader life perspective,
  • introduce new and helpful resources,
  • love & support Moms everywhere,
  • seek direction from the scriptures
  • and direct praise to our creator God and loving Father.


Pull up a chair next to me and let's swap stories...

I'm so glad you're here!


Ginger Myers encourage Mom

Ginger Myers founder