I Pray we don't go back to Normal

I pray we don't go back to normal blog post encourage Mom encouragemom.com Ginger Myers


“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works,

and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”  Matthew 5:16

When this time of isolation is past,

I pray we don't go back to normal…


I pray that the next time a friend grabs me and pulls me in for a hug,

I actually take the time to appreciate the gift of their embrace.


I pray my children quickly forget "social distancing" and greet our friends,

neighbors, and family with exuberance instead of awkward suspicion.


I pray that when school resumes and people are dropping off their kids,

they take the time to thank the staff for the amazing gift that they are to our neighborhoods.


I pray that the next time I’m sitting in a crowded restaurant I take the time

to look around at the smiling faces, loud voices and thank God for the gift of community.


I pray that the next time I’m standing in church listening to the voices of praise

that I take a moment to thank God for the gifts of congregation and unity.


I pray that the next time I see a person or situation that needs prayer,

that I will pray as passionately and fervently as I have these past few weeks.


I pray that I see people’s need for Jesus’ friendship and cleansing through His saving grace,

and am willing to take the time to share how knowing Jesus personally has changed me.


I pray that we let our little lights shine!