I Pray we don't go back to Normal

I Pray we don't go back to Normal

  “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”  Matthew 5:16 ...
Our Best Gifts to Jesus

Our Best Gifts to Jesus

  We can't really take credit for them, and it's no good to be jealous of what others have. I'm talking about talents that we're born with. Some of...
In Her Cleats My Soccer Story Ginger Myers encourage mom

In Her Cleats

  It was mid-summer and we were hot and sweaty from a couple hours of the adult soccer league. My sister still giggles at our team name, "The Fr...
what to do with old boyfriends encourage mom

What to do with old boyfriends

    Last night, I dreamt about a guy I liked in high school. Vivid dreams are not common for me, but this was so clear and in color, like it was a...
A Moms reward encourage Mom

A Mom's Reward

    After 3 attempts of getting up from the chair, I quit trying. I needed to stay right there and soak it in. To continue caressing her hair as t...
my top 7 Toddler TV encourage Mom

My Top 7 Toddler TV

My iPad can perch just out of my little girl's reach while she snacks at the table, and I can actually get the dishes done while one of these mom-tolerable shows entertain her for a few minutes. I enjoy some of them too!
My 3 minute mistake encourage Mom

My 3-Minute Mistake

It's not bad enough that daily bombardments of life can pummel us, but sometimes we actually make life harder on ourselves, too. 

Silly, frail humans. Parked here on earth for as long as God sees fit.

Billy Graham Our Shared Legacy encourage Mom

Our Shared Legacy

We can choose to share in the legacy of Christians before us who decided to use the platform given to them for God’s glory instead of shying away and being silent.